The restaurant hotel Da Lele is run with deep love by its owner, Lele, and was built in Rimini in the year 1950.
It was started by the Squadrani-Mondaini family and, for three generations, it has been a point of reference for the Emilia-Romagna Riviera.
Originally, it was a bar with some rooms to let and it was slowly transformed into a hotel, pizzeria and restaurant, specialized in fish dishes.

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You'll find the traditional Emilia-Romagna welcoming atmosphere.
Professionalism, courtesy and sympathy, together with a delicious cuisine, make it a familiar place, cared in all its details. The cuisine is the homemade Mediterranean one, favouring the fish specialities, with fresh products and genuine dishes.


Via Laurentini, 2 ( ang. Via Lagomaggio ) - 47924 Rimini (Rn) - tel.+39 0541/392131
E-mail: - tel. Hotel Liana 0541.380080